Raven Reports on Wigan

Last updated : 14 January 2002 By Mark R

Wigan played good football and deserved to win. I have no problem with that, I accept we had to lose some time, but it was the manner of the defeat.

We LOST every 50/50 Challenge that didn't involve Oatway

Wigan were sharper, quicker in every department

We played football for the first 5 minutes then fell to pieces

We have no creative midfielder, this meant hoof, and back under pressure

Our substitutions were a joke

Tactics, none.

I can't be bothered to write any more about the match, the players are clearly milking a regime that Adams would find unacceptable. It shows why most of these players wouldn't last 5 minutes in Division 1 or above. I left after the 3rd goal, my support at the end was about as passionate as the players - half hearted and couldn't wait to get out the ground.

Apart from the 90 minutes we had a cracking day out. We set a new record for an early arrival. We left Brighton on the 4am , caught the delayed 5.55 Virgin train from Euston to Preston and arrived in Wigan at 9.39!! Can anyone beat that? I bet some of the Northern based seagulls hadn't even got up by then.

We settled down in a café and by the time all 15 of us been sorted, it was nearly opening time so we started out on a pub crawl round Wigan. It has to be one of the best places for pubs, but we went in the Weatherspoons so my mate could get a cheap birthday round in (still cost him £20+!). Next on the hit list was my pub, well a pub called The Raven. I wanted to take the pub sign home, but it was a little too high to get! We then moved on to the Star and Railway and bumped into Drew, the Milton Keynes Seagulls, 2 lads from Nottingham and a few locals.

One local who was driving his pick up truck, kept seeing us walking about, had a few conversations hanging out his cab, joined us for a beer, despite not being a football fan. We than moved on to the Orwell, packed with Albion and finally the Red Robin to meet up with the BHAlba lot.

After the game we went back to the Star and Railway and once again found all the Wigan fans very friendly. Match aside Saturday was a superb day out, I am so glad I support a team like Brighton, who have brilliant fans, and not a team like Cardiff who wouldn't be able to enjoy a day out like this. The Wigan fans say they have rediscovered last seasons form, they have been playing some great football, but being unlucky and drawing.

A great turn out from us again, Sussex Police told me 61 short of a 1,000. The ground is superb. ½ mile from the old one, every seat has an unrestricted view, and the atmosphere was good despite only a crowd of just over 6,000.

Football wise, Saturday depressed me. Off the pitch I now know once again why we have so many LOYAL supporters who will be back week after week. We care about our club, time the players took a look last seasons video and see what has gone wrong.

Match ratings

Royce 9/10

Mayo 3/10

Cullip 2/10

Morgan 3/10

Watson 2/10

Oatway 6/10

Carpenter 1/10

Jones 3/10

Hart 6/10

Steele 5/10

Zamora 2/10

Mark R