Sussex says Yes to Falmer!

Last updated : 16 May 2002 By Bob Gear
A staggering 61,452 people have signed the petitions, the largest ever presented to Brighton or Hove Councils, of these over 50,000 are from within Sussex.

Paul Samrah, chairman of the Falmer For All campaign, said: "The millennium city of Brighton & Hove deserves a stadium befitting its status.

"From Warrington to Worthing, from Huddersfield to Hove, from Bristol to Brighton and from Falkirk to Falmer the people have said 'yes'!"

The campaign against the Stadium appears to be running out of steam, with the petition opposing the Stadium not having reached 9,000 signatories.

The planning Committee of Brighton & Hove Council meet on June 12th to decide whether to accept the application.

If they say Yes to the Stadium, it is thought likely that the application could be 'called in' by the Govt.

The likely Stadiumopening date in this case is August 2005, if it is not called in we could be playing league Football at Falmer in 2004.