Ravens View of Port Vale

Last updated : 29 January 2007 By Mark R

The pitch wasnt great, Port Vale were on the floor rolling round looking for Oscars most of the game, the Referee was whistle happy, Brighton struggled to get shots on target!

The first half was awful, can't remember much happening.

Second half and at least we tried to attack. Robinson dragged one wide after a good run, then the keeper blocked one from a few yards out.

I have to say all I will remember from this game is the referee constantly blowing his whistle, Port Vale players falling as if hit by a gun shot (and the Referee giving them free kicks or drop balls).

A very poor crowd with just about 5,000 Albion fans. All this clamour for West Ham tickets and then we have less than that for a home league crowd - our fans are very fickle and when they really are needed they stay at home.

Rotherham next - will the bring a friend for £5 work?

Mark R

Kuipers - 6 not a lot to do

Mayo - 6 solid return

Butters -7 Solid

Lynch - 6 solid

O'Cearuill - 6 Solid

Hammond -6 tried hard

Fraser - 5 OK

Cox - 5 poor match

El-Abd - 5 OK

Robinson - 4 needs a rest?

Gatting - 5 looked for the ball but no end result

Hart (for Fraser)- 6 looked to get involved for the 20 mins he was on

Elder (for Gatting)- 6 as above