Ravens View of Bristol City

Last updated : 26 February 2007 By Mark R

IMHO the match was ruined by a dreadful referee, Mike Riley wanted to be the centre of attention and constantly blew his whistle.

He was inconsistent with his decisions, sometime he played advantage and others times he did not, he appeared to have vendettas against Gatting and Fraser who would probably have been booked for breaking wind!

The first Bristol goal saw Savage move across to try and get to the ball from a corner, it flicked over him and his man Jevons (now in acres of space) put the ball into the far corner of the net with a volley after controlling the ball on his chest, it that gave Flinders no chance.

Savage then had our best shot but straight at the keeper. City also hit the bar from a free kick (that was possibly just before they scored?).

Revell replaced Gatting at half time but it made no difference. We couldn't keep hold of the ball. Fraser replaced the erratic Ward and shortly after was warned by the referee for getting stuck in, then given a straight red after appearing to jump over the keeper, who then rolled round as if he had been stamped on by a 20 stone monster. I couldn't see contact, but if there was any it was minimal and the keeper made sure of a red by dreadful feigning of an injury!

The next city player to do that was rolling round in agony until the Referee gave them a free kick, then seconds later was sprinting down the wing. I hate games like this (well when its not going in our favour!).

Riley then took centre stage again, making the game safe by awarding them a penalty. Hammond took the man, the ball, everything so probably was a penalty.

Jevons tucked the penalty away easily. After that we knew it wasn't our day and the game petered out until the final whistle.

Flinders - 4 give Sullivan a match if they consider we are safe from relegation

El-Abd - 4 we play in Blue and White, try and pass to that colour

Butters - 6 solid again

O-Cearuill - 6 looks a good centre back

Mayo - 5 same as El-Abd, passing was poor

Ward - 4 prepared to try things but often gives away the ball

Hammond - 7 my MOTM as never stopped

Cox - 4 poor poor match, out of the game for long periods (how he got the sponsors MOTM is beyond me!)

Bertin - 7 pushed hammond for MOTM with another battling display

Gatting - 4 poor match, time for a rest

Savage - 5 not given any room or chances, tried hard

Revell - 5 (for Gatting at half time) made no impact

Fraser - 4 if he did make contact should be fined (for Ward after about an hour)

Elder - 6 tried hard (for Butters for last 15 minutes as we went to 3 at the back)

Mike Riley - 0 rubbish