Ravens View of Brighton v Stockport

Last updated : 28 October 2003 By Mark R
Second half we gradually sunk into being worse than bad, and then managed to throw away a point.

Moments of the game

Cullip heading the ball out of Kuipers hands and almost giving away the goal.

Mayo was flattened in the first half, too far away for us to see what happened.

Hart upending a bloke, going over to him lying on the floor to make out he had dived, and as a result getting himself booked

Knight and a Stockport player clashing heads, Knight being substituted (did they think he was injured?). When he went in the dugout somebody was either banging Leon's head against it very hard, or Knight was talking out his frustration on something.

Stockport number 19, a trainee, running rings round Mayo and Jones. He had a great game and he was the one that beat Mayo in a challenge, no cover behind, he raced in and put a ball across Cullip and Butters and once again the centre forward was left unmarked to make the score 1-0 to Stockport. Why no subs until 81 minutes, when it was clearly once again not working?

The 350 Stockport fans out sang the deafeningly quiet 5,800 Albion fans.

The crowd was only 6,171, looks like people are no longer keeping the faith. Did anyone stay and applaud them off? Not me I'm afraid and people I know who never leave early upped and left before 90 minutes were up.

Kuipers - 6 not a lot to do and no change with the goal
Watson - 7 my MOTM, showed the others how to pass to a team mate
Mayo - 2 dreadful match
Cullip - 3 come on Danny what's happened to you?
Butters - 3 even he gave away the ball
Jones - 2 is it some kind of joke playing him again?
Rehmen - 2 as above
Carpenter - 5 felt sorry for him again
Hart - 4 tried hard, achieved nothing
McPhee - 6 battled hard and almost scored
Knight - 6 no service, but he never gave up


Piercy (for Jones after 81 minutes) - 5 no time to do anything
Wilkinson (for Knight 85 minutes) - as above
Hinshelwood, Harding and Flitney not used