Grimsby - The History is with us !!

Last updated : 29 April 2003 By Bob Gear
We've won the last 5 times we've played at Grimsby!! We just need to keep that run going for one more game !!

I think most of us would have gladly accepted that going into the final game of the season we still had a chance of staying up. After moving out the bottom 3 a few weeks ago, people hopes shot up and it feels like we should be in a stronger position going into the Grimsby game.

I just wish it was 1.30pm Sunday 4th now, the tension is already getting to me! Reading and Pardew annoy me anyway, but they will want to go into the play offs as a form team so that must work to our advantage. If they don't beat Watford midweek then they will need at least a result from the Stoke game to get home advantage in the play offs!

Latest News from the Brighton camp is that all the players missing or injured from saturday are expected to be fit again. Expect an attacking line-up once again, we have to win!

Reading are putting out some of the youngsters tonight against Watford. Hopefully this means that Alan Parew is saving his first team for Sundays Game at Stoke. Expect Sidwell & Rougier to be in the Squad, they''l be playing for Brighton as much as reading on Sunday, I'm sure.

League Division One
Grimsby Town v Brighton & Hove Albion
04 May 2003 at 13:30
At Grimsby (15)At Brighton (16)Overall (31 matches)
Highest Aggregate6Grimsby 2 - 4Brighton1984/1985
Highest Grimsby score:5Grimsby 5 - 0Brighton1983/1984
Highest Brighton score:4Grimsby 2 - 4Brighton1984/1985
2002/2003Sat 28 SepBrighton1 - 2GrimsbyLeague Division One
1991/1992Tue 10 MarGrimsby0 - 1BrightonSecond Division
Wed 06 NovBrighton3 - 0GrimsbySecond Division
1987/1988Sat 19 MarBrighton0 - 0GrimsbyThird Division
Sat 31 OctGrimsby0 - 1BrightonThird Division
1986/1987Sat 03 JanGrimsby1 - 2BrightonSecond Division
Sat 06 SepBrighton0 - 1GrimsbySecond Division
1985/1986Sat 14 DecGrimsby0 - 2BrightonSecond Division
Sat 17 AugBrighton2 - 2GrimsbySecond Division
1984/1985Tue 07 MayGrimsby2 - 4BrightonSecond Division
Sat 08 DecBrighton0 - 0GrimsbySecond Division
1983/1984Sat 07 AprBrighton2 - 0GrimsbySecond Division
Sat 15 OctGrimsby5 - 0BrightonSecond Division
1976/1977Sat 19 FebBrighton3 - 0GrimsbyThird Division
Sat 11 SepGrimsby2 - 0BrightonThird Division
1975/1976Wed 17 MarBrighton4 - 2GrimsbyThird Division
Sat 18 OctGrimsby2 - 1BrightonThird Division
1974/1975Wed 16 OctBrighton3 - 1GrimsbyThird Division
Tue 08 OctGrimsby3 - 2BrightonThird Division
1973/1974Sat 09 FebBrighton1 - 1GrimsbyThird Division
Sat 22 SepGrimsby0 - 0BrightonThird Division
1967/1968Mon 23 OctBrighton3 - 1GrimsbyThird Division
Wed 04 OctGrimsby4 - 2BrightonThird Division
1966/1967Sat 21 JanGrimsby2 - 3BrightonThird Division
Sat 17 SepBrighton0 - 2GrimsbyThird Division
1965/1966Tue 05 OctBrighton1 - 2GrimsbyThird Division
Wed 15 SepGrimsby3 - 1BrightonThird Division
1958/1959Tue 16 SepGrimsby1 - 1BrightonSecond Division
Wed 10 SepBrighton2 - 0GrimsbySecond Division
1920/1921Sat 01 JanGrimsby2 - 2BrightonThird Division
Wed 29 SepBrighton1 - 3GrimsbyThird Division