Coppell Will stay at Brighton

Last updated : 03 October 2003 By Bob Gear
Rumours are that the financial package that SC has been offered is not dis-similar to the one he is on at Brighton, but with bonuses for performance such as promotion.

He would be working with the current backroom staff and the current playing squad with limited extra funds for players wages/transfers.

And what is the challenge? To get a small team into the Premiership where they will most likely fail. If he doesn't get them into the Premiership that will be seen as failure.

Either way he gets the sack.

Compare that to his prospects at the Albion. He stays loyal to us. He may take us back up to the First Division this year, maybe next year or the year after. Success would then be staying in that Division until we get a New Stadium.

By that time he will have achieved God-like status, and would be guaranteed a job for life (if that's what he wants) He stays on & challenges for promotion to the Prem, it may take a few years but he will get us there.

Job for life.

SC has built this team, his job is not done. Now is not the time to go astray and look for the promised land. Stay and it will come to you.


Get behind the man tomorrow, let him know the support he would be missing if he left. It's down to each and every one of us to convince Stevie Coppell to stay where he is wanted.

This is a great Club with real potential that deserves a loyal and honest Manager like Steve Coppell.