Promotion Meal at the Brighton Centre

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The evening started with Martin Perry and Dick Knight, who both mentioned we need a manager with bottle! Dick Knight mentioned loads of applications received, a special one form a two year old. He said that his training facilities were fine (and would soon be out of nappies), he was happy with his pocket money so wouldn't complain about the budget, and he also had plenty of bottle (well he is always hungry). A superb dig at PT!!!!

Mark Williams did a turn next and had a recording from Ron Manager (Paul Whitehouse) applying for the vacant managers job - it was hilarious. He is currently sleeping rough and drinking Meths but thinks he could take us to the Premiership. Next it was on to the food and this time it was pretty good (well it was compared to last years fiasco!).

In between courses they had an auction, this included a signed Gareth Barry England U21 shirt (sold for #700 I think), Zamora shirt from the Centenary match (went for #2k), a centenary shirt signed by a sizeable majority of ex players that where at the centenary match (went for #3k) a replica red England shirt signed by George Cohen (#800) plus some sets of Photos, pictures etc. Ian Hart ran the auction and it went really well.

Next was the presentation of the Supporters Club away coaches awards which went in reverse order to (3rd) Cullip (2nd) Harty and the winner was Kuipers. Then it was the A21 club award and that for the 3rd year went to Cullip.

George Cohen was up next and he spoke about the World Cup in 66 and also a little bit about his Fulham days. Next was a comedian who started well but rapidly faded.

It was finished of with a 15minute compilation video of the highlights of the season and then all the players (plus staff) came up with the 2 trophies.

Also at the evening were ex-players Mark Ormerod and Ross Johnson. They got a special mention along with Kerry Mayo for the Hereford match (CK promised not to mention the own goal). Des Lynam was mingling about, Norman Cook turned up. In the final speech Dick Knight paid tribute to two players in particular, Simon Morgan and Paul Rogers.

We spoke to Lee Steele afterwards and he confirmed no new contract has been offered to him and his existing oen runs out in two weeks. He didn't seem to think he would be around next season. Paul Brooker was in fine form mingling and chatting as was Kerry Mayo, Paul Rogers and Paul Watson.

Roll on a 3rd Promotion party next season.