Norwich Again!

Last updated : 15 January 2003 By Mark R
A quick call back home and they confirm Arsenal don't want him cup tied and Oatway is in the starting XI. Doom and gloom takes over.

This really rub salts into the wounds of A*cher and Bell**s legacy of selling the Goldstone, ie we don't have a future until we have Falmer and teams like Reading are seen as a bigger club with better prospects.

How people can blame Knight for losing the likes of Sidwell is beyond me. The club's future still hangs in the balance and that is down to the previous two clowns who ran our club into the ground. We would have been better off staying in Division 2, hell why don't we just enjoy this season and if Falmer gets the green light then we will have cause to celebrate endlessly regardless of relegation.

IMHO Falmer is the future, no Falmer and we might as well pack up and go part time. Withdean cannot generate enough revenue, the only answer if Falmer fails is for the club to be bank rolled by a multi multi millionaire!

People can point out mistakes Knight had made, but he is the reason why we are back in Brighton, why we are no longer player bottom division football, why we can get good players in on loan, why we can attract good managers. He can't wave a magic wand and build us a new stadium and put millions in our bank account.

Hinshelwood was a mistake and he has put that right, ok it might cost us relegation in the end, but nobody gets it right 100% of the time. Kitson and Butters were a mistake and quite rightly do not get into the team.

Sidwell, Blackwell, Kuipers, Zamora etc are all good players bought in over the last couple of seasons.

Back to last night.......we got to the ground just before kick off, which was delayed due to crowd congestion. I took advantage of the #5 voucher and got some food and a revised programme.

The first half was end to end and good entertainment. The 500+ Albion fans were in good voice once again, and watched on as Kuipers took a drop kick and collapse on the ground and eventually hobble off to be replaced by Packham. He looked a bit shaky to start with, but played well second half.
Brooker Tackles!

We played some great fast attacking football once again but we desperately need some extra presence in the opponents penalty area. Its all very well playing Brooker and Barrett, but Zamora looks a lonely figure in the box and he is being marked very tightly.

Goal scoring is becoming our problem, we create enough but never look that dangerous after the final ball. At times we have several wide players and nobody to attack the ball when it is crossed in.

We took the lead just into the second half, when the Norwich keeper fumbled a cross and Pethick followed up and scored with a simple tap in.

After the goal Norwich went all out attack and the first goal was after a good block by Packham but they scored from the rebound.
Oh Shit!

The second was a fine 20 yard curler into the far corner and the 3rd a deflected free kick.

At the end we gave Piercy and Blackwell a run out. Piercy put several great balls through to the front two (what we had been missing all game) but they had both run themselves into the ground by then.

I thought we played well, but Norwich were just too strong. At the final whistle is was a quick jog back to the car park (the poor Fatty Taxman was puffing along behind us!) and we were back in Worthing by 1.15.

My player ratings

Kuipers 6 - Packham 6
Watson 6
Jones 7
Cullip 6
Pethick 6
Mayo 6
Carpenter 8
Oatway 6
Brooker 8
Zamora 6
Barrett 6

Mark R