Kitson's Coming on !!

Last updated : 09 April 2003 By Mark R
I left work, caught the 4.50 from Brighton, changed at Clapham and arrived into Reading at just after 7.15.

I had managed a can or two on the train on the way up, and sat listened to 2 sad Reading fans waffling on about how they had heard that Brighton had sold just 300 tickets for the game!

Reading station was very heavily policed, I met Liz outside and we hopped on a bus to the ground. We met up with the inebriated lot who had been up for the afternoon and took up our seats towards the back in the top left hand corner.

I reckon there must have been about 2,000 Albion, but overall a disappointing crowd of just over 16,000 (they had been expecting 20,000!).

The game was exciting, the sad small little Reading flag came out, only to be dwarfed by the REMF flag, which basically set the tone for the evening.

We didn't stop singing , the Reading fans mostly sat in silence apart from the group down in the corner.

The first goal was bizare and I want to see it again. Zamora showed his intelligence and quick thought and we were 1-0 up. We did defend deep, but broke well. Brooker was all over the place and nodded one of the line.

Reading had a shout for a penalty but as they spent the entire 90 minutes looking for free kicks got what they deserved, nothing.

Second half and we soaked up the pressure, then the mood changed, people looked stunned and bewildered. Was it true? Could it be him? Was it somebody who looked like him?



He was on the pitch and just 2 minutes later got his head to the ball, it trickled through the keepers legs, Ingimarrsson just made sure it was going in and it was 2-0 and Kitson was on the score sheet!

Woo Hooooooooooo!

After that Reading pushed forward, Cureton slammed in a great goal from 30 yards but we held put. Kitson played his full part in holding up the ball and working well with Zamora.

At the final whistle Barrett rushed off the bench and jumped on Kitson, who was the only player not to come down to applaud the travelling support.


Beseant - 8 2 great saves, one after he messed up a clearance but saved the half volleyed return
Watson - 7 made one great goal stopping challenge
Mayo - 7 solid game
Cullip - 8 great game
Ingimarsson - 8 as above
Carpenter - 8 worked hard and put in some solid tackles
Rodgers - 8 as above
Brooker - 9 all over the pitch, defended superbly
Hart - 7 ran and ran and ran
Barrett - 7 as above
Zamora - 8 showed touches of class but looked slightly unfit


Oatway - 7 made an impact and put in some good challenges and hassled them
Jones - 7 solid
Kitson - 8 lets hope he is fit and plays like this on Saturday against Preston