Depressing Preston Match Report

Last updated : 14 April 2003 By Mark R
Saturday sees the following fixtures
Leicester v Brighton
Stoke v Wimbledon
Sheffield Wednesday v Grimsby

Brighton v Sheffield Wednesday
Grimsby v Walsall
Coventry v Stoke

IMHO Stoke have 2 'easier' matches, worst case Sheff Wed win both and we are 4 points behind them with 2 games left. Being the pessimist Stoke win both
and we loose both then we are 7 points behind them, so need Walsall to lose every single match for us to catch them up!

I hate to say it, but IMHO we got relegated on Saturday (along with Grimsby). The team looked nervous, we had the better chances first half, but second half we played like we did in the 12 run defeat.

We defended woefully and the first goal was school boy defending. Gary Hart was celebrating an equaliser, but was too busy doing that to actually put his
header in the net!

Kitson (why the hell was he wearing gloves?) then proceeded to miss a great chance.

First half we pushed forward, Preston spent the 45 minutes diving around, Abbott should have been booked early on for his pathetic attempt to get a penalty. Cresswell followed suit, but the reward they got for diving was a team mate booked, then a clear penalty not given when Beasent took out the player when the score was 1-0.

This lead to Craig Brown protesting on the pitch and quite rightly being sent to the stands. I have no idea what happened when Cresswell finished off the game (great cool finish), but there was a bit of a set too in the corner of the North Stand, did Craig Brown start that?

We missed several great chances first half and hit the post twice in a minute.

If we had won or even drawn, then the pressure was well and truly back on Stoke. They got stuffed at Millwall but are in a much better position after Saturdays results.

I am too depressed to write any more, and the atmosphere at Withdean was dreadful, it was like we had been relegated. We did our best to get some singing going but most people sat in silence, which pretty much summed up the performance.

Surely as fans, we have to try and lift the team? If the fans have given up (as if felt like on Saturday) did this filter through to the pitch?

Win at Leicester? We need too if we want to stay up. If we had won Saturday then we could have gone to Leicester with not a lot to lose, but a possible point or three to gain!


Beasant - 9 brilliant display
Watson - 2 great defending for the first goal
Mayo - 7 never gave up, unlike a lot of the team
Cullip - 6 looked uneasy without Blackwell
Ingimarsson - 6 very nervous
Carpenter - 5 worst game for a long time
Rodgers - 5 looked injured
Brooker - 3 was never in it
Barrett - 6 ran and ran, but was not going to score but unlucky to be subbed Zamora - 3 awful match
Hart - 2 inept finishing, not sure why he was still on the pitch at the
final whistle

Jones - 3 gave away the ball several times
Kitson - 3 looked bored

Mark R

Ps My final depressing statistic - points taken against teams in the bottom 6

19th Coventry - 2 points 2 games
20th Walsall - 0 points 2 games
21st Stoke - 0 points 2 games
22nd Brighton
23rd Sheff Wednesday 1 point 1 game
24th Grimsby 0 points 1 game

Can anyone make me feel more optimistic as we have 2 of the final 4 fixtures against teams in the bottom 6!