Last updated : 13 January 2003 By Mark R
There are 14 pubs in a mile and Spon street dates back to the 1700's and has some great pubs. We started in the Jaguar just up the road as at 11am the pub we were meeting in was still shut.

It was a little tiny Irish pub and very cheap - #1.40 for bitter. We sank a quick drink then headed back to Spon street and the Windmill. A very nice old real ale pub with a brilliant juke box with great 80's stuff on it.

Next we headed to a pub in the next road down (cant remember the name) and were soon joined by more Albion fans. A few of us ventured out to meet some lads we know from England games in the Weatherspoons and then it was on tothe Elastic Inn nearer the ground (improved no end since my last visit to it a few years ago!).

At 2.45 we headed to the ground and soon joined the large away following (1,578 according to Sussex Police we spoke to at Cov station after the game). The away seats offer a good view and as usual we out sang the home supporters, and the players responded accordingly.

I would say it's the best game I have seen us play this season, but our lack of finishing power was sadly highlighted. We need another goal scorer, will Kitson fill this void when he is back?

Barrett frustrates me, he has loads of ability, but goal poaching is not one of them. Zamora played brilliantly on Saturday and his shot on the turn that hit the bar would have been goal of the season.

Cov had two great chances, luckily they were as weak up front as us. Mayo almost gifted them a goal, but Cullip covered him brilliantly. Also Kuipers palmed away another good Coventry chance midway into the second half. We pushed forward for 90 minutes and looked like the better side.

Danny's MOTM again!
Danny Cullip

My MOTM for both sides was the number 4's. Cullip for us and Konjic (sp?) for them. Brooker had a good game but was let down by his final ball, and Macallister still played some great passes for Coventry from his stand on the spot midfield position.

We looked solid at the back, competed in midfield, created several chances, but could have gone on for hours without scoring. I missed the Carpenter incident, but Liz who saw it says Chippy would have been red carded as he attempted to kick a Coventry player off the ball.

I was pleased at the final whistle with the performance, but that evaporated when the other results came through. We did not deserve to lose ground after that display. The players deserved the standing ovation they got.

Roll on Saturday against Pompey, still hope to make tomorrow night!

Mark R

My ratings

Kuipers - 6 (one great save)
Mayo - 6 solid
Watson 6 (much better display)
Cullip - 9 (Captains performance)
Pethick - 6 solid
Jones - 7 happier going forward
Brooker - 6 flattered to deceive
Barrett - 5 see report
Zamora - 8 performance deserved a goal
Carpenter - 8 solid display
Sidwell - 7 good first half and last 15 minutes