Arms Folded for 90 mins...

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Ben - you said in an e-mail earlier this week about me saying at half time that Taylor was a useless waste of space, implying that the Cambridge result proved me wrong. We let a team who had scored 6 goals away from home in 12 matches score 3. Tell me what he has done for the club?

His transfers out have been a joke. Crosby and Wicks were two centre backs who last season played many games and where solid and dependable. He gets rid of both and then we get suspensions and injuries and struggle to have adequate cover. Morgan only has a contract until the end of the season and Cullip is on the transfer list. Our strength last season, other than the obvious one of Zamora, was a solid dependable defence. It's not that any more.

Wicks said he couldn't wait to get away, Pitcher the same, now Ramsey who may not be the best player but loves the club has decided to get out, maybe lower leagues but I bet he enjoys it.

The display last night was spineless. Gutless. Hang on I appear to be describing Wigan again! I have moaned before at people who have been critical, I am now, but will still always be 100% behind the team at the match. Last night I was thinking about people sitting and watching in on TV (probably not many) and laughing at out inept display. The team last night reminded me of the performances at Gillingham under Jeff Wood.

A great Team?

I am getting really p****d off watching a great team being destroyed. Its not all Taylor's fault as it lies equally with the players. Surely they must see what's going on, are they proud that they have let fitness levels drop and get beat to tackles, outpaced on a regular occurrence?

Rant over - feel better now......

I wonder if Taylor fancies a job back in the Midlands with Aston Villa?

Mark R

Bob here now

Just thought I'd add my player ratings:

Royce: 3/10
His loan ended last night, there is talk that Taylor wants to extend it for another month. Why? Kuipers is made of better stuff than Royce, Royce is not able to hold on to a shot, Kuipers commands his area, gives confidence to the defence around him.

Mayo: 4/10
Oh dear, I hope it's just that he's not back to full fitness, Kerry made the mistake that lead to Brentfords 2nd. He's getting very error prone.

Cullip: 5/10
looking a bit slow last night, did make some good interceptions though.

Virgo: 3/10
On this showing he's just not up to it, often out of position, his only method of playing the ball out of defence was to hoof it.

Watson: 2/10
Was never in the right place. wasn't showing when we went forward, was 15 yards too far forward when they had the ball. Was he hiding? Didn't make a tackle all night, unless you count the trip that got the mooner.

Jones: 5/10
He had one good run early on before they scored, which resulted in an off target shot

Hart: 5/10
A very quiet game, even Harty wasn't getting the tackles in.

Rogers, Oatway, Carpenter: 3/10
Did we have a midfield?

Zamora: 5/10
Didn't get into the game, in fact he got more of the ball when he came back for corners.

We've got a week before the next game, I think there needs to be lots of work at the training ground on closing players down, getting tackles in, passing on the ground, getting into crossing positions. Well, a lot of work to be done on playing football.